Blast Master

Plastic Media (urea type II ) is inert, non-reactive, and re-useable.

We use  Plastic media to remove paint from the exterior of the car or panel.  Plastic can remove multiple layers of paint and body fillers. Plastic media does this without heating or warping the metal, however plastic media is not aggressive enough to remove rust.  If rust is found under the paint we touch it up with sand. Plastic media is also used for fiberglass.   Corvettes, Avantii, kit cars, etc.

Sand blasting accomplishes paint and rust removal in one step. We use it on all areas not prone to warping, such as the engine bay, firewall, underside of car, trunk and passenger compartments. Frames, suspension, wheels, etc.

The media we like for this DuPont Starblast. It's  Very uniform, on the fine side, and leaves very nice surface without pitting,  like Black Diamond or Coal Slag would.

Specializing in Automotive Restoration Blasting.

Approximately 75% of all the work we do is automotive related. Anything from a box of small parts to a completely disassembled  car and any project in-between.

This is accomplished through the use of both Plastic Media blasting and Sandblasting.